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Yangzhou Qianglin Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangdu Wujian Industrial Park of Yangzhou, an ancient city of Jiangsu Province. It is located between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River. Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Nanjing and Ningtong Expressways run through it. Its geographical conditions are superior and its land and water transportation is convenient. Yangzhou Qianglin...


Over the years, all employees of the company insist on the road of "pioneering and...


We have obtained ISO 9001:2000 Quality System Certification Unit successively.


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The company mainly produces hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumping stations, electro-hydraulic push rods, three-way/four-way distributors, plough unloaders, electro-hydraulic gate valves, gates, air locks and so on, which are favored by the majority of users.

Three problems in using hydraulic cylinder
If the hydraulic cylinder can maintain the normal working condition, then can help us to complete a lot of work tasks, and if there are some problems, it will affect the normal performance of its work, so as a user, we need to find out the specific reason in time and deal with it. Below we pass a few problems to analyze the operation of hydraulic cylinder matters needing attention. The first problem, the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic cylinder presents the problem how to do? Trust that every user friend knows, and very clear understanding of the importance of hydraulic oil for the entire system. And in the operation, if the hydraulic oil appears muddy rust color or mixed with a certain amount of water, we must cause attention. In fact, if there is such a problem, we think it is probably due to the simultaneous sealing of the problem. At this time we need to see whether there is oil in the water system, if found seal ring damage should be replaced in time. Second question, in the hydraulic system the main hydraulic cylinder Piston Rod presents the vibration question how to return a responsibility? When encountered in the operation of this problem, we need to carry out a full view, the first to see whether there is a problem of low oil level, such as the need to increase to regular oil level; Secondly, we should check whether there is air leakage in the oil suction system of the main oil pump; thirdly, we should check whether the v-shaped sealing ring of the pushing mechanism is too tight; finally, we should check whether the oil temperature of the hydraulic cylinder is too high. The final question is, what if the temperature of the hydraulic oil used in the hydraulic cylinder is too high? If the operation presents this problem, a time we are very difficult to determine the specific reasons, at this time also need to carry out a series of ability to find specific reasons. Check whether the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic pump is in normal load condition; check whether the main relief valve is faulty and often overflow; check whether the hydraulic oil is overheating, sticky and other issues.
Introduction of connecting Structure Between Piston and Piston Rod in hydraulic cylinder manufacturer
Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, in fact, connecting Piston and Piston Rod, we can choose a lot of different methods. In this way, it is equivalent to give us a greater degree of selection. For different users, due to the different environmental conditions, so in the selection of Hydraulic Cylinder Piston and Piston Rod joint structure will have different requirements. So, as it stands now, what is the most commonly used link structure first? Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers Think, now more commonly used connection structure is a nut (grain) type, compared to this method of connection has a lot of advantages, including, first of all, the connection is stable and reliable, and between the Piston and the Piston Rod there is no axial service requirements, but its disadvantages lie in the processing and installation of thread is more trouble. In addition, there is a link structure called the welding type. The manufacturer of the hydraulic cylinder explained that the connecting structure is relatively simple and convenient to operate, but the disadvantage is that it is not convenient to dismantle, the requirements for the coaxiality and straightness of the inner and outer diameter of the Piston, the diameter of the Piston Rod of the hydraulic cylinder and the four surfaces at the joint of the end face are higher. In addition to the above two methods of connection structure, there is a called clasp (key) type. According to the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, this kind of connection structure is also very simple, and the disassembly type is also relatively convenient. The Piston has a small amount of floating by means of the radial clearance, and it is not easy to cause the problem of sticking. However, this will lead to axial service between the Piston and the Piston Rod, it may also cause unnecessary movement of the Piston and Piston Rod. In general, this method is widely used in low speed hydraulic cylinder. According to the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, in fact, in addition to these linking structures, there are some other structural methods actually used, such as split (combined) structural methods, etc. . Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages, in the selection of time also need to be compared.
Which method can hydraulic cylinder choose to carry on the device?
In fact, on different working occasions, different hydraulic cylinder products, in the device, we need to choose different device methods, so as to as far as possible to meet its application requirements. Obviously, the hydraulic cylinder includes many different devices, but the first can be divided into two categories, namely: Axis fixed class and axis swing class two. So what are the differences between these two different methods of installation? First of all, let's introduce the characteristics of the first method of installation. When the hydraulic cylinder is installed in this way, then in its work, its axis direction is always the same situation. Generally speaking, most of the machine tools used on the oil cylinder is the use of this device method. This device method can be divided into three types of red, respectively: Universal Tie rod type, Flange type and support type. The first is generally used for short-stroke, low-pressure hydraulic cylinder. The first structural feature of the utility model is that through holes are drilled on the two ends of the cylinder head, and the cylinder and the device seat are connected and tensioned by a double-head screw And the third is the cylinder head and tail ends of the Flange and support fastening together. Next, let's look at the characteristics of the second method of installation. We know, in the hydraulic cylinder for reciprocating motion, because its internal interaction, so that the axis of the swing, in order to adjust the direction and direction. On this type of cylinder, generally can only choose to use period can swing the method of stranding. In view of the current situation, many construction machinery, agricultural machinery and dump trucks used by the hydraulic cylinder more choose this kind of device. This type of device method can also be subdivided into two categories: TRUNNION and earring. In the former, the Capstan which is fixed on the hydraulic cylinder is installed in the axle seat of the machine, so that the axle line can swing in a certain plane, while in the latter, the earrings of the hydraulic cylinder are connected with the earrings of the machine by the pin, to swing freely in a plane.

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