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The Principle of buffer bed

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surface structure Domestic manufacturers choose not to transport materials with direct touch, mainly using three methods of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board, polyurethane and ceramics. Ceramic has good wear resistance, but the conflict coefficient is especially high, which simply leads to scratch, heat and smoke on the conveying belt. The hazards are great. Ceramic sheets are suitable for the rubber coating of the conveying belt driven rolling drum in muddy environment. The manufacturers who choose this kind of surface material are basically blind to understand the use environment and conditions of the buffer strip. Polyurethane has good bonding performance and low requirements on bonding technology, but the raw material is simple to hydrolyze and has poor impact resistance, and the long-term use still shows a simple phenomenon of delamination. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has the lowest coefficient of friction and excellent self-lubricating performance, which is favorable for the passage of the conveying belt. It is very suitable for the appearance data of the buffer strip under severe working conditions. However, it has higher requirements on the technology of manufacturers, and cannot be combined with rubber after special treatment. Characteristics of Ultra-high


Polymer Polyethylene Plate

1. Higher wear resistance. Its wear resistance ranks from plastic to crown, which is 4 times higher than nylon -66, 9 times higher than HDPE and HPVC, 9 times higher than stainless steel, and the wear resistance is about 20 times higher than A3 steel in erosion environment.

2. High impact resistance, impact strength is 2 times that of PC and 5 times that of ABS, but it is about 8 times higher than that of POM and PBT.

3. High self-lubricity, low coefficient of conflict, about 0.05-0.11, which is comparable to polytetrafluoroethylene and better than steel and copper with lubricating oil. Under the condition of water lubrication, the dynamic coefficient of conflict of UHMW-PE is half lower than PA-66 and POM.

4. Excellent non-water absorption, UHMW-PE has low water absorption, 0.01% is only 0.1% of PA-6;

5. Excellent non-stickiness, which indicates that the adsorption force is very weak, and its anti-sticking ability is second only to that of PTEF with the best stickiness in plastic guess, so the product appearance is not easy to stick with other data;

6. Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and resistance to various corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt) and organic media within a certain temperature and concentration range; The appearance of polyurethane as the buffer strip of the wear-resistant layer fell off after two weeks, and the on-site ceramic wear-resistant layer conflicted with each other, resulting in scratch, heat generation and smoke generation of the transport belt, and the ceramic wear-resistant layer resulted in scratch, heat generation and smoke generation of the transport belt.