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Structure and Performance of Electro-hydraulic Push Rod

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The hydraulic control valve group is mainly composed of overflow valve, oil suction check valve, speed regulating valve (required by users), hydraulic control check valve (hydraulic lock), etc. According to the operation characteristics of the electro-hydraulic push rod, the oil circuit combination valve with different functions can also be planned to meet the operation requirements. There are generally push-out self-locking, pull Self-locking back and push-pull are both self-locking; The operating speed is adjustable and non-adjustable. The electro-hydraulic push rod operation viewpoint has horizontal push and upward push (bag Including oblique upward), push down (including oblique downward), etc. Electro-hydraulic push rod mainly has the following advantages:

(1) Compact structure, convenient installation, small occupied space and simple maintenance.

(2) It can be started with load and has overload maintenance function.

(3) The circuit is equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock, which can be stopped at any position within the specified stroke range and self-locked, and the output force is maintained unchanged.

(4) Pushing and pulling force, stepless adjustable speed (user's requirement), extremely wide driving force range.

(5) For some reason, the power is cut off, and the push rod is self-locked to avoid accidents.

(6) full hydraulic transmission is selected, which is sensitive in action and stable in operation, can effectively buffer external impact force, and has accurate stroke control (≥0.5mm)

(7) Electromechanical-hydraulic integrated full-closed structure. The operating oil circuit is circulated in the pressureless closed steel cylinder. It is small in volume, does not leak oil, and is in bad condition Under the working environment, no dust absorption, no water inflow, no rust inside, and long service life.