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Attention to hydraulic cylinders

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Hydraulic cylinders should be ready before. The first is to remove the pressure from the

liquid-pressure loop. Otherwise, when the connection with the cylinder is loosened, the high-pressure oil in the loop will be rapidly ejected. When unloading the hydraulic circuit, the handwheel or pressure adjusting screw at the overflow valve should be unscrewed first, so that the pressure oil can be unloaded, and then the power supply or the power source should be cut off so that the hydraulic device can stop operating.
Then we begin to dismantle the hydraulic cylinder.
In order to prevent the slender parts such as piston rods from bending or deforming, the support balance of the cushion wood should be applied when placed. Remove should prevent damage to piston rod top thread, oil hole thread and piston rod surface, cylinder sleeve inner wall.
Dismantling should be done sequentially. Due to the different structure and size of various hydraulic cylinders, the disassembly order is also slightly different. Generally, the oil fluid in the two cavities of the cylinder should be released, and then the cylinder cover should be removed, and finally the piston and piston rods should be removed. When removing the cylinder cover of the hydraulic cylinder, special tools are used for the card key or ring of the internal key connection, and the use of flat shovels is prohibited; For flange end covers, screws must be used to top out, hammers or crowbars are not allowed. When pistons and piston rods are difficult to pull out, they can not be forced to play. The reason should be identified before dismantling.
Before and after unloading, we must try to create conditions to prevent the parts of the hydraulic cylinder from being contaminated with dust and impurities around them. For example, disassembly should be carried out as far as possible in a clean environment; After removal, all parts should be covered with plastic cloth, not covered with cotton cloth or other work cloth.
After the cylinder is disassembled, it must be carefully checked to determine which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be repaired and used again, and which parts must be replaced.
The parts must be cleaned carefully before assembly.
However, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct installation of sealing devices everywhere. For example, when installing the O-ring, do not pull it to a degree of permanent deformation, and do not roll the side suit, otherwise it may leak oil due to the formation of distortions. The disassembled O-shaped sealing ring and dust-proof ring shall all be renewed. Or when installing Y-shaped and V-shaped sealing rings, pay attention to the direction of installation to avoid oil leakage due to installation. For the Y-shaped sealing ring, the lip side is facing the pressure oil cavity; In addition, the YX-shaped sealing ring should also pay attention to distinguishing whether it is used for axis or hole, and do not install mistakes. The V-shaped sealing ring consists of support rings, sealing rings and pressure rings of different shapes. When pressing the ring to tighten the sealing ring, the supporting ring can make the sealing ring form a metaphysical sealing effect. When installing, the opening of the sealing ring should be faced with the pressure oil cavity; When adjusting the pressure ring, it should be limited to no oil leakage and should not be pressed too tight to prevent excessive sealing resistance.
Special wrench should be used when screw the thread joint. The torque moment should meet the standard requirements.
After the piston is assembled with the piston rod, it is necessary to try to measure whether the coaxial degree and the straightness on the full length are too poor.
8, after the assembly is completed, the piston assembly should move without hindrance and uneven resistance.
When the hydraulic cylinder is installed on the main engine, a sealing ring must be added between the inlet and outlet joints and tightened to prevent oil leakage.