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1. Reasonableplanning,completestandardsandtypes,serializationofproducts,easyselection,generaluse,strongcomprehensivematchingperformance,simpleoperationandeasymaintenance.2. Ifallgatesareequippedwithel

1. Reasonable planning, complete standards and types, serialization of products, easy selection, general use, strong comprehensive matching performance, simple operation and easy maintenance.

2. If all gates are equipped with electro-hydraulic corner turners or electro-hydraulic push rods as power sources, the gates can be opened and closed quickly and flexibly, and have the capability of starting with load and the function of overload protection. The motor can be prevented from burning out, and the equipment runs stably and reliably. The whole machine has compact structure, light weight, low power consumption, low noise and convenient device.

3. full hydraulic rotation, its push and pull can complete stepless speed regulation, driving force range is wide. Accurate regulation of reciprocating stroke and azimuth self-locking can regulate gate opening degree and control gate flow.

4. Small investment. Because the backlogged gates are planned in a standardized way and produced in series, it is beneficial to reduce the cost, and the single gate can be equipped with one or more electro-hydraulic corner devices or electro-hydraulic push rods to complete the full hydraulic transmission. There is no special hydraulic station and no subordinate equipment.

5. Widely used. Considering that valves may work in various environments, the planning has expanded the matching planning of valve types, standards, varieties and series, which can be widely applied to the storage and transportation of bulk materials in various industries.

6. The hydraulic corner switch or electro-hydraulic push rod distributed by the bulk gate can complete stroke control and signal display; Long-distance centralized control and digital display; Or 4-20mA microcomputer control.