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What's a hydraulic cylinder, what's the use?

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Cylinders are hydraulic performance elements that convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and do linear reciprocating motion(or swing motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to end the reciprocating movement, it can eliminate the deceleration device, and there is no transmission gap and the movement is stable, so it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output of the hydraulic cylinder is proportional to the useful area of the piston and the pressure difference between its two ends; The hydraulic cylinder basically consists of a cylinder and cylinder head, piston and piston rods, sealing equipment, Buffer equipment and exhaust equipment. Buffer and exhaust equipment depends on the detailed application, while other equipment is indispensable.

Hydraulic cylinder is the fulfilling element in the hydraulic transmission system. It is an energy conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. The end of the hydraulic motor is a continuous reverse motion, and the end of the hydraulic cylinder is a reciprocating motion. The structural types of hydraulic cylinders include piston cylinders, plunger cylinders, and swing cylinders. The piston cylinders and plunger cylinders end the reciprocating linear movement, output speed and thrust, and the swing cylinder ends the reciprocating swing, and the output angle speed(speed) and torque. In addition to individual applications, hydraulic cylinders can also be combined in two or more combinations or combined with other organizations. To end the special function. The hydraulic cylinder has a simple structure and strong operation. It has been widely used in the hydraulic system of the machine tool.