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May I ask what problems should be paid attention to in the classification and procurement of engineering hydraulic cylinders?

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divided into UG engineering hydraulic cylinder hoist hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder for paper machine hydraulic cylinder HSG engineering hydraulic cylinder for cement kiln hydraulic cylinder, static pile driver hydraulic cylinder, etc. according to the application purpose and application occasion. However, in recent years, the specific classification of engineering hydraulic cylinders (engineering hydraulic cylinders) is not very obvious. Through data query on hydraulic cylinders, we find that hydraulic cylinders for engineering are mainly used in the engineering machinery industry, and HSG engineering hydraulic cylinders are still used more frequently.


Regarding the procurement of engineering hydraulic cylinders, we should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Pressure;

2. itinerary;

3. Starting speed;

4, whether high temperature;

5. Whether the working environment is dusty;

6. Move back and forth, especially if there are more moves;

7. Whether the steel cylinder needs special steel (depending on the application, such as continuous and uninterrupted operation and pressure);

8. Whether the seal (sealing ring) is resistant to high temperature and acid and alkali;

9. Cost performance ratio

10, on-site measurement, communication of problems and requirements, technical analysis, drawing planning, imitation analysis;

11. After-sales Service