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What types of hydraulic cylinders are there?

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The hydraulic cylinder has a variety of structural methods, and there are many classification methods: according to the motion method, it can be divided into linear reciprocating motion type and rotary swing type; According to the condition of the pressure under the liquid, it can be divided into single effect and double effect. According to the structure method, it can be divided into piston type, plunger type, multi-stage elastic sleeve type, and gear splint type. According to the equipment method can be divided into pull rod, earrings, bottom foot, Hinge shaft and so on; According to the pressure level can be divided into 16Mpa, 25Mpa, 31.5 Mpa and so on.
1, piston type
Single piston rod hydraulic cylinder as long as there is a piston rod at one end. As shown in the figure, it is a single piston hydraulic cylinder. Both of its inlet and outlet A and B can pass pressure oil or return oil to complete two-way movement, so it is called a dual-effect cylinder.
The piston can only move in one direction, and its opposite direction must be ended by an external force. However, its stroke is generally larger than that of a piston hydraulic cylinder.
Piston-type hydraulic cylinders can be divided into two types of single-bar and double-bar structures. The fixed methods are fixed by the cylinder body and the piston rod. According to the effect of the liquid pressure, there are single effect and double effect. In a single-effect hydraulic cylinder, the pressure oil is only used for the cavity of the hydraulic cylinder. The liquid pressure causes the cylinder to end in a single direction, and the reverse motion is completed by external forces(such as spring force, weight, or external load, etc.).; The movement of the two directions of the double-effect hydraulic cylinder piston is alternately into the oil through the two chambers and ends with the effect of liquid pressure.
The single-bar double-effect piston hydraulic cylinder has a piston rod on only one side of the piston, so the useful effect area of the two chambers is different. In the supply of oil together, different cavity into the oil, the piston movement speed is different; Together with the negative load forces that need to be defeated, the oil supply pressure required is different in different cavities, or after the system pressure is adjusted, the negative load forces that can be defeated by the movement of the two directions of the water pressure tank of the sanitation garbage truck are different.
2, plunger type
(1) The plunger type hydraulic cylinder is a single-effect hydraulic cylinder that can only complete one direction of motion by liquid pressure. The plunger return journey depends on other external forces or the self-weight of the plunger;
(2) The plunger is only supported by the cylinder sleeve and not touched by the cylinder sleeve. This cylinder sleeve is easily processed and is therefore suitable for long stroke hydraulic cylinders;
(3) The plunger is under total pressure during work, so it must have a satisfied stiffness;
(4) The plunger component is often large, and it is easy to droop due to self-weight when placed horizontally, resulting in sealing and guiding unilateral wear, so its straight use is more favorable.
3, elastic elastic hydraulic cylinders have secondary or multi-stage pistons, elastic hydraulic cylinders in the piston out of the order from large to small, while the order of empty retraction is generally from small to large. The elastic cylinder can complete a longer journey, and the length is shorter and the structure is more compact when retracted. This type of hydraulic cylinder is often used in engineering machinery and agricultural machinery. There are multiple pistons that move once. When each piston moves one by one, its output speed and output force change.
4, swing
The swaying hydraulic cylinder is a performance element that outputs torque and ends reciprocating motion. There are several methods such as single blade, double blade, and spiral swing. Leaf type: The stator block is fixed on the cylinder body, and the blades and rotors are connected together. According to the direction of the oil, the blade will drive the rotor to swing back and forth. Spiral swing type is divided into single spiral swing and double helix. Now double helix is more commonly used. The linear motion of the piston in the hydraulic cylinder with two helices is converted into a composite motion of linear motion and rotation motion, and then the swing motion is completed.
In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder is used to drive the organization with a certain quality. When the hydraulic cylinder moves to the end of the stroke, it has a large amount of kinetic energy. If it is not decelerated, the hydraulic cylinder piston and the cylinder head will collide mechanically, resulting in impact and noise., destructive. In order to mitigate and prevent this damage, a deceleration device can be set up in the hydraulic circuit or a buffer device can be set up in the cylinder.