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Introduction of working principle of hydraulic cylinder

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The hydraulic cylinder is one of the actuators of the hydraulic system. It is collectively referred to as the hydraulic motor. The hydraulic cylinder is used to carry out linear reciprocating motion. Its characteristics are light quality, high power, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and small motion inertia. It can change direction frequently and is easy to achieve remote control. Hydraulic cylinders have been widely used in many types of machinery.

In order to meet the needs of various mechanical applications, hydraulic cylinders have a variety of structures and different properties.

According to the action of its liquid pressure, it can be divided into single acting hydraulic cylinder and double acting hydraulic cylinder;

According to its structural characteristics, it can be divided into plunger type hydraulic cylinder, piston type hydraulic cylinder, telescopic hydraulic cylinder and swing type hydraulic cylinder.

The working principle of double acting single piston hydraulic cylinder is analyzed. The hydraulic cylinder as an actuator is essentially an energy fusion conversion device. The hydraulic cylinder converts the pressure energy of the input liquid into the mechanical energy of the piston's linear motion. The so-called input hydraulic energy refers to the flow and pressure of the input liquid, and the output mechanical energy is the speed V(m/s) and traction F when the piston moves. All of these parameters are achieved by changes in the working volume, so the hydraulic cylinder is a volumetric execution element.

The above introduction believes that the basic understanding of the hydraulic cylinder has a vague concept. In the following article, these hydraulic cylinders, single-acting hydraulic cylinders, dual-acting hydraulic cylinders, piston hydraulic cylinders, retractable multi-section hydraulic cylinders, rotating swing cylinders, and plunger hydraulic cylinders will be described in detail.