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How to distinguish the quality of hydraulic cylinder?

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The following is a detailed description of you:

1. Look at the product parameters. Differentiating the quality of the hydraulic cylinder first depends on the performance and parameter status of the product, because the performance of the hydraulic cylinder can be directly expressed through its parameters, such as the hydraulic cylinder parameters required for different hydraulic system specifications are also very different. Therefore, to distinguish hydraulic cylinders, we must first understand the types and characteristics of hydraulic cylinders, and we must also look at its parameter information in detail, such as the temperature and pressure changes in the cylinder, the size of the piston rod and the power of the conversion mechanical energy. Fuel consumption, etc..

2. Look at manufacturing data and processing parts. The quality of the hydraulic cylinder has a direct impact on its manufacturing data and processing fineness. For example, the piston has excellent stability in its manufacturing data requirements because of its long-term contact with hydraulic oil in an environment of changing pressure and temperature. If the temperature of cold and heat changes too much, no deformation will occur. Together, also look at the processing conditions of the processing parts, high-quality processing parts look flat, small burr without shortcomings, the outer layer is coated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion data.

3. Look at the size and strength of the factory. Differentiating the high quality hydraulic cylinder also needs to understand the manufacturer's scale and strength. The powerful hydraulic cylinder manufacturer not only has mature technology and skills, but also has a strict control and monitoring process for the production process. Yangzhou strong forest hydraulic machinery Co., Ltd. is a scale manufacturers, are customers as the primary inside, products and after sale is guaranteed, such hydraulic cylinder factory production is worth waiting for the product.

4. Look at product reviews and word-of-mouth status. The use effect of any product, including hydraulic cylinders, can be directly expressed according to the user's comments on the products. The performance of the products of the comprehensive hydraulic cylinder manufacturers is stable and reliable. Of course, there will be a large number of loyal old customers for them to bring new customers and receive praise in the industry.