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What do you need to pay attention to when removing the hydraulic cylinder? The following is our company's technical solution for you

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1, the cleaning of hydraulic cylinders and the surrounding environment. Fuel tank sealability is good, pipeline and fuel tank should be cleaned to prevent other iron oxide and debris, cleaning should use special paper, can not use hemp wire and adhesive as sealing materials, hydraulic oil should be designed as required, pay attention to hydraulic oil temperature and change;
2, when disassembling and installing the hydraulic cylinder, strictly prevent damage to the thread, cylinder head thread and piston rod surface at the top of the piston rod, it is forbidden to hit the cylinder and piston surface with a hammer, such as damage to the cylinder hole and piston surface, and sandpaper is not allowed to be polished. To be carefully ground with fine oil stone;
3, before installing the hydraulic cylinder into the system, the parameters on the hydraulic cylinder sign should be compared with the parameters at the time of ordering;
4, the base of the hydraulic cylinder must have enough stiffness, otherwise when pressurized, the cylinder is arched upwards to make the piston rod bend; There must be no relaxation in the connection;
5, install the hydraulic cylinder body seal cover screw, the degree of tightening to ensure that the piston in the whole stroke movement flexibility, no blockage and uneven weight phenomenon is appropriate. If the screw is tightened too tightly, it will increase the resistance and accelerate the wear; Overloosening can cause oil spills;
Hydraulic cylinders with exhaust valves or exhaust rods shall be installed at the highest point to exclude air.
The above description of the site is not pointed out, my company professional production of various types of hydraulic cylinders, for you to build a strong forest brand quality, but also in the procurement of hydraulic cylinder maintenance services, call us quickly! Hydraulic cylinder strong forest welcome you!