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How to carry on the comprehensive maintenance and maintenance to the hydraulic cylinder?

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Along with the development of the hydraulic machinery industry in our country, the hydraulic cylinder has entered the most mature product team, and the hydraulic cylinder with high value for money is thus greatly appreciated. However, it is important to know that the hydraulic cylinder is required to bear a large pressure during operation. As the heart of the hydraulic system, it is very difficult to repair if there is a problem, so it is crucial for its maintenance. Below yangzhou strong forest hydraulic professional factory technology for the detailed introduction of how to protect our hydraulic cylinder, our cylinder for comprehensive maintenance and maintenance?
1, prevent erosion and rust
Since the piston part of the hydraulic cylinder is to extend out of the cylinder in the operating conditions, it is natural to form a rust phenomenon due to the erosion of oxides and acidic gases. The piston, as an important load-bearing component, is corroded and rusted. It is very likely that the piston will break during the operation, so to avoid erosion, you need to apply appropriate amount of grease to it to maintain it, ensure its normal and orderly work to reduce unnecessary losses and trouble.
2, open the box for oil
When a hydraulic cylinder is used for a long period of time, some foreign matter will enter it. Once a foreign body enters the tank, the phenomenon of conflict will increase during the operation and damage the hydraulic cylinder. The operation time of other hydraulic fluids is not unlimited. If there is no oil change for a long time, it will damage or erode the inside of the hydraulic cylinder. Such problems that are not conducive to the hydraulic cylinder need to be handled by opening the box for hydraulic oil.
3, equipped with buffer devices
The improper speed of the hydraulic cylinder in operation will affect the life of its use. Therefore, when operating in the hydraulic cylinder, it is necessary to control the operating speed. The ideal speed is to control within two meters per second. The speed control can be completed by equipped buffers, so that the hydraulic cylinder can be maintained, making it safer to operate and extending the life span.
After the description of the above three points, everyone can understand that it is correct to maintain the hydraulic cylinder. It is also understood that doing a good job of maintaining the hydraulic cylinder is the most important part of the maintenance of the entire hydraulic system, and using a good quality hydraulic cylinder plus reasonable maintenance., The hydraulic cylinder operation is smooth and the length of life must be extended. Of course, if there are any questions in use can be called our manufacturers, we strong forest 24-hour after-sales service hotline for you to answer, give you the best and most satisfactory results!