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Which seals do hydraulic cylinder seals include? What?

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Hydraulic cylinder seals include dust rings, piston rod seals, piston seals, static seals, guide support rings, as shown below:
Hydraulic cylinder seal-dust-proof ring
The dust-proof ring is mounted on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover, and the main sealing lip is exposed to air. Prevent external dust, rain and frost from entering the inner sealing mechanism, affecting the viscosity of the hydraulic oil and scratching the effect of the inner sealing lip.
The dust ring has the characteristics of good wear resistance, extrusion resistance, impact resistance, small compression deformation, and easy to install.
Hydraulic cylinder seal-piston rod seal
The piston rod seal is one of the main load bearing components in the hydraulic cylinder. It is unidirectional pressure bearing and has a large pressure, and it is in direct contact with the hydraulic oil.
The piston rod seal is installed inside the dust seal of the hydraulic cylinder end cover to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil. It is required that the pressure retention performance is good under the static state, the pressure in the movement should be high, the sealing performance is good, the friction coefficient is small, and the anti-extrusion ability is strong.
III. Hydraulic cylinder seal-piston seal
Piston seal is the main seal in hydraulic cylinder, bidirectional pressure, hydraulic cylinder can withstand the pressure value of one of the most important seals.
Piston sealing requires good sealing effect, good pressure holding effect in the stationary state, strong pressure bearing ability, anti-extrusion, small friction coefficient, long service life and so on.
IV. Hydraulic cylinder seal-guided support ring
The main role of the guide support ring is to support the piston rod and piston, guide the piston to do linear motion, prevent the uneven pressure caused by the vertical force of the hydraulic cylinder to the seal, resulting in poor sealing effect and short service life.
The guide band and support ring directly affect the use effect and life of piston seal and piston rod seal. Therefore, the requirements for the guide band and support ring are also higher, such as small friction coefficient, high hardness, and long service life.
Hydraulic cylinder seal-static seal
The end cover static seal is to prevent the hydraulic oil from leaking out of the gap between the end cover and the cylinder, and the single side is pressurized; The piston static seal is a two-way pressure bearing, preventing hydraulic oil from leaking out between the piston and the piston rod.
Static sealing requires strong extruding ability, good sealing effect and so on.
Hydraulic cylinder seal-ring
The stopper is used in conjunction with piston rod seal, piston seal or static seal ring, which can effectively prevent the extrusion of the seal ring and increase the pressure bearing capacity of the seal ring.
Hydraulic cylinder seal details of the parameters, welcome to the Othello Sealing website inquiries!