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Five methods for repairing large hydraulic cylinders

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Five methods for repairing large hydraulic cylinders
Large hydraulic cylinders are generally used in large-scale projects. Their own weight is very large, and they bear a large pressure when they work. Therefore, they will have different degrees of wear and damage. According to professional technicians, The repair technology of large hydraulic cylinder is mainly embodied in the following five aspects.
The surface treatment uses skim cotton dipped in acetone or anhydrous ethanol to clean the scratch area and polish it. Use acetone to clean the polished cut. The water is then dried with a fan or a tungsten iodide lamp, and the surface of the repair is preheated.
Harmonizing materials
The mixture is strictly proportional and stirred evenly until there is no color difference.
III. Smudge material
Apply the uniform 2211F to the scratch surface.
IV. Curing
The temperature can be increased by a halogen tungsten lamp. For each temperature increase of 11 °C, the curing time will be shortened by half, and the optimal curing temperature will be 70 °C. After the material is cured, the material on the surface of Gaochu is repaired with fine grinding stone or scraper.
Repair of surface scratch on piston rod
It can be polished and repaired. After a serious scratch or injury, the piston rod surface must be re-electroplated and then polished.
The above five points are the methods for the repair of hydraulic cylinders summarized, hoping to help everyone