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Do you know why the electrohydraulic putter leaks oil?

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Do you know why the electrohydraulic putter leaks oil?
Defined as flowing or temporarily stored in the cavity of a hydraulic element(including a pipeline), the circulating working liquid should be limited to the specified cavity. However, due to pressure, clearance, etc., for various reasons, some liquids exceed the boundary of the cavity flow. The "transboundary outflow" of liquids is called an oil spill. Oil leakage is a common failure of electrohydraulic putters. It not only affects the performance of electrohydraulic putters, damages hydraulic components, but also wastes resources, pollutes the environment, and poses a threat to safe production.
1. Internal oil spill
Internal oil leakage refers to the leakage of a small amount of liquid from the high-pressure cavity to the low-pressure cavity within the hydraulic component, such as the leakage of oil from the high-pressure cavity to the low-pressure cavity in the hydraulic transmission; Oil leakage from the pressure channel in the changeover valve to the return channel.
2. Oil Spill
Oil leakage refers to a small amount of liquid leaking from the inside of the component. Such as the end of the gear pump oil leakage; Hydraulic tubing infiltration and so on. The oil leakage of hydraulic system mainly includes crevice oil leakage, porous oil leakage, adhesion oil leakage, Hedongli oil leakage and other forms.
1. Design and manufacturing problems: After testing and calculation, the actual pre-compression rate of the electro-hydraulic push rod supporting the plough-type unloading device is only 5 %, and the partial electrohydraulic push rod is lower than the pre-compression value. The size and precision of the sealing groove is an important factor affecting the precompression rate. In the design of sealed grooves, although there are standards to follow, in special cases it should be based on actual use. The design intention of the loop is very clear, that is, the loop must be kept under pressure when the feed fluid push rod is fast-forward, so as to ensure the self-locking ability of the electric fluid push rod. At this point, the electrohydraulic push rod is in a stationary state and is close to the static seal condition. Therefore, the groove size and tolerance of the sealing ring should be selected with reference to the static sealing conditions, and the precompression rate of the sealing ring should be selected. In the loop, the electrohydraulic push rod sealing ring groove is designed under dynamic sealing conditions. The precompression ratio of the South electric push rod is too small. In addition, the processing process has not attracted enough attention, and the groove is too deep. Therefore, oil leakage occurred when the electrohydraulic push rod was stationary.
2. Maintenance, maintenance problems: In practice, leakage is complex, often a combination of various reasons and various situations, but most of the oil leakage in the electrohydraulic push rod is caused by seal failure.
3. Manufacturers cheat in the production of electric and hydraulic putters: the selection of inferior sealing rings, improper welding seam handling, and in order to increase the production schedule or without the corresponding pressure test bench, abandoned the commissioning or blindly shipped the product packaging without conditions. Finally, it is also important to shirk responsibility with various pretexts.
1. System pressure is not high
2. Unstable speed of executing agencies
3. System fever
4. Low component volume efficiency
5. Waste of energy, hydraulic oil
6. Causes control failure; Cause a fire, etc..
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