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Hydraulic pump use precautions

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When the hydraulic oil pump starts, it should be jogged several times. After the oil flow direction and sound are normal, run at low pressure for 5-10min, then put it into normal operation.
One: What are the precautions for the use of hydraulic pumps?
    1) When the hydraulic oil pump starts, it should be jogged several times. After the oil flow direction and sound are normal, run at low pressure for 5-10min, then put it into normal operation.
    2) The viscosity of the oil changes depending on the temperature, and the temperature is required to be kept below 60 degrees.
    3) The oil must be clean and must not be mixed with mechanical impurities and corrosive materials.
    4) The maximum pressure and maximum speed of the hydraulic pump should be avoided for long-term use, otherwise it will affect the life of the hydraulic pump.
    5) The normal working oil temperature of the hydraulic pump is 15-65 degrees.
    Second, what are the precautions for mechanical equipment disassembly?
    1) Before disassembly, the structure, connection and fixing of the equipment and components must be clearly understood. If the situation is unknown, disassembly is not allowed.
    2) When disassembling, do a good job of imprinting, marking, etc. Specially small parts are wrapped in oil paper and stored on the label.
    3) The order of disassembly is opposite to the assembly sequence.
    4) When disassembling, the direction of rotation, the size of the head, and the thickness of the part must be clearly distinguished.
    5) Disassembled parts should be stored in an appropriate manner according to the shape and characteristics of the parts.
    6) When disassembling, pay special attention to safety, the tool must be firm, and the operation must be accurate.
    7) Parts that are not removable or that are to be of reduced quality after disassembly should be unloaded as much as possible.
    3. What are the preparations for the equipment before commissioning?
    1) The personnel who are operating must be familiar with the equipment manual and related technical documents to understand the structure and performance of the equipment to master the degree of operation.
    2) Scientific preparation of the trial operation plan.
    3) Various tools, materials, and safety protection items required for the commissioning of the equipment.
    4) Part of the assembled parts of the equipment shall be intact and the connections shall be prohibited.
    5) Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the equipment to ensure that there are no hidden dangers and defects before commissioning.
    6) Eliminate unrelated components on the equipment to clean the test site.
    4. Briefly explain the reasons and troubleshooting methods for lazy cars.
    The reason why the lathe is boring is mainly because the friction plate of the friction clutch is too large, the pressing force is insufficient, the torque cannot be transmitted, the slippage occurs between the friction plates during operation, and the spindle rotation speed is lowered to cause a boring phenomenon. This phenomenon can be eliminated by adjusting the gap of the friction lining.
    V. What are the assembly methods of the UnionPay? What are the assembly requirements?
    1) Press-in assembly method Requirement: Before pressing, the lubricant can be applied to the mating surface. The pressing process should be continuous, and the surface of the part should not be directly hit by hammering.
    2) Thermal expansion assembly method: heating to a certain temperature, the aperture is increased and then assembled with the phase fittings. After being cooled and contracted, the fittings are tightly joined together.
    3) Cold shrinkage fitting method Requirement: Cool the shaft member to reduce the size of the shaft member, and insert the shaft member into the hole. After the annual recovery, the shaft and the hole piece are tightly connected.
    6. What is the reason for the loose connection of the threaded connection? What are the commonly used loosening methods?
    Under shock or impact loads, the positive pressure in the threaded working chamber suddenly decreases, causing looseness due to a decrease in friction torque.
    1) Anti-loose device with additional friction Double nut Spring washer anti-loose.
    2) Mechanical method anti-loose device: slotted nut and split pin. Stop washer anti-loose.