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Application field of hydraulic cylinder

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Application field of hydraulic cylinder
1, in the machine tool industry, 85 % of the current machine tool transmission system uses hydraulic transmission and control. Such as grinder, milling machine, planer, pull machine, press, shears, and combination machine tools.
2, in the metallurgical industry, the electric furnace control system, the rolling steel machine control system, the flat furnace assembly, converter control, blast furnace control, strip deviation and constant tension device have adopted hydraulic cylinders.
3, in the construction machinery, hydraulic transmission, such as excavator, tire loader, car Crane, track bulldozer, tire Crane, self-propelled forklift, level machine and vibration roller are commonly used.
In agricultural machinery, hydraulic tanks are also widely used, such as combine harvesters, tractors and ploughs.
5, in the automotive industry, hydraulic off-road vehicles, hydraulic dump vehicles, hydraulic high-altitude vehicles and fire engines have adopted hydraulic technology.
6, in the light spinning industry, the use of hydraulic cylinders of plastic injection molding machines, rubber vulcanization machines, paper machines, printing presses and textile machines.