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What are the seals of the hydraulic cylinder

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What are the hydraulic cylinder seals, hydraulic cylinder seals, including dust ring, piston rod seal, Piston Seal, static seal, guide support ring. Next we come to understand in detail what the hydraulic cylinder seals have? One, hydraulic cylinder seal-dust ring, Dust Ring installed in the hydraulic cylinder end cover of the inner side, the primary sealing lip exposed to air. Avoid External Dust, rain and frost and other dirt into the internal seal organization, affect the viscosity of hydraulic oil and scratch the role of the internal seal lip. The dust-proof ring features good wear resistance, anti-extrusion, impact resistance, small contraction deformation, easy installation and so on. 2. Hydraulic Cylinder seal-piston Rod Seal, Piston Rod seal is the hydraulic cylinder one of the main bearing components, one-way bearing, receiving pressure, direct contact with hydraulic oil. The Piston Rod seal is installed in the inner side of the end cover of the hydraulic cylinder to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil. It is required to keep pressure well under stop state, high bearing pressure in motion, good sealing performance, small friction coefficient, strong anti-extrusion ability and so on. Hydraulic cylinder seal-piston seal, Piston seal is the main seal in the hydraulic cylinder, two-way bearing pressure, is the hydraulic cylinder can accept the pressure value of one of the most important seals. Piston seal requires a good sealing effect, stop under the state of good pressure, movement process bearing capacity, anti-extrusion, small coefficient of friction, long service life. 4. Hydraulic Cylinder seal-guide support ring, the primary role of the guide support ring is to support the Piston Rod and Piston, guide the Piston to do linear motion, to avoid hydraulic cylinder is not straight force to seal the bearing pressure caused by uneven, the formation of poor sealing and short service life and so on. The guide belt and supporting ring directly affect the operation and service life of Piston Seal and Piston Rod seal, so the requirements of the guide belt and supporting ring are higher, such as small friction coefficient, high hardness, long service life, etc. . Hydraulic Cylinder seal-static seal, the end cover static seal is to avoid hydraulic oil from the end cap and cylinder clearance leakage, one-sided pressure; Piston static seal is two-way pressure, to avoid hydraulic oil leakage between the Piston and Piston Rod. Static seal requires strong anti-extrusion ability, good sealing effect, etc. . Hydraulic Cylinder seal-ring, ring is with the Piston Rod seal, Piston seal or static seal ring, can be useful to avoid the extrusion of the seal ring and add the bearing capacity of the seal ring. The above is the hydraulic cylinder seal, I believe we have known. If you want to know more about it, please call us.