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The reasonable design, manufacture and correct use of hydraulic cylinder can prolong its life

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The reasonable design and manufacture of the hydraulic cylinder and the correct use can prolong its life, the hydraulic cylinder can cooperate with the different transmission mechanism, thus completes the simple or the complex mechanical movement. At present, the application range of hydraulic cylinder is very wide, especially in construction machinery, mining machinery, followed by metal cutting machine tools, forging machine tools, injection molding machine It is also widely used in ships, aircraft, agricultural machinery, metallurgical equipment and other automation equipment and devices. In practice, people pay attention to the stability, reliability, strength and part stress, movement characteristic, buffer theory and service life of hydraulic cylinder. As the primary component of hydraulic press, its primary function is to convert the liquid pressure energy into mechanical work. After the high-pressure liquid enters the cylinder, it acts on the Piston plunger and transmits the force to the workpiece through the movable crossbeam, causing the workpiece to have the plastic deformation. In order to meet these different requirements, so in the process of planning and manufacturing hydraulic cylinder, not only the process is complex, but also the data, surface quality, machining accuracy requirements are high. Therefore, it is very prudent to consider many factors when carrying out structural planning. For example, in practice, because the structure size planning is not reasonable, flange height is too small or flange diameter is too large, and part of the stress is too high, simply cause the cylinder break. Secondly, in the planning of the hydraulic cylinder wall to the Flange of this part of the structure, if the planning is not reasonable, it may also cause a large stress concentration. This may appear in the use of crack soon, crack expansion, the whole circle of flange cracking off. In order to prevent this situation, the transition line at the flange can be optimized and the shape line that can reduce the stress concentration factor can be selected. In addition, if the hydraulic cylinder bottom to the cylinder wall this part of the structural planning is not good, it is very simple cause the cylinder bottom crack problem. Therefore, it is very important to plan the hydraulic cylinder correctly and reasonably. Therefore, in the process of planning, there is a need for a lot of research and improvement work to ensure product quality.