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What is a hydraulic cylinder disassembly

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When the construction machinery is working, the hydraulic system loses a lot of heat because of various pressures, which makes the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the system rise, and the hydraulic oil simply oxidizes when the temperature of the system is too high Organic acid will be formed after oxidation, organic acid will corrode metal components, will also generate oil-insoluble Gel precipitation, so that the viscosity of hydraulic oil increased, anti-wear function worse 2. Water and air are mixed into the hydraulic oil. The new hydraulic oil has water absorption and contains trace water. When the hydraulic system stops working, the temperature of the system drops, and the water vapor in the air condenses into water molecules mixed with the oil. When water is mixed into the hydraulic oil, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil will be decreased, and the hydraulic oil will oxidize and change, and water bubbles will be formed. Hydraulic oil can dissolve part of the air, and sometimes breathe in air bubbles. Air Mixed into the hydraulic oil can accelerate the hydraulic oil oxidation transmutation, but also cause noise, cavitation, vibration and so on 3. The hydraulic oil is mixed with the granular dirt, and the hydraulic system and components mix the dirt into the system during the processing, installation, storage and transportation; Dust in the air, such as mixing, these are easy to form the hydraulic oil in the dirt particles. Hydraulic oil mixed with granular dirt, simple abrasive wear, reduce the smooth function of hydraulic oil, cooling function. The causes of solid particle pollution are as follows: 1 the original impurities in the hydraulic system itself, such as those occurring during manufacture and installation, have not been completely removed; 2 the new oil contains impurities, because the oil liquid flows through the oil pipe and the oil barrel which stores the oil liquid contains the impurity, 3 outdoor working environment is bad, each kind of flying material particle immerses the hydraulic system; 4) the hydraulic system maintenance disassembles the components and the pipeline and so on the process to form the pollutant invasion, or when refuels, changed the oil to use the unclean filter container to bring in the pollutant and so on 5) from the mechanical conflict, the distortion and the chemical reaction aspect pollution.