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The price of hydraulic cylinder describes the function of hydraulic cylinder and its series-parallel connection

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The price of hydraulic cylinders the role of hydraulic cylinders and the price of their series-parallel hydraulic cylinders when operating, it refers specifically to a kind of performance element that can reach the intended use through straight-line motion and its corresponding moving parts However, there is a limit and scale to the displacement of the straight line, so it can be used for straight-line propulsion. If the propulsion displacement is relatively large, then it is possible to combine the use of a number of cylinders, in order to meet the operational requirements. Single-effect and double-effect hydraulic cylinder are hydraulic cylinder. The primary difference is that a single-acting hydraulic cylinder, whose motion in one direction is accomplished by oil pressure, returns either by self-weight or by some external force. And one end is in contact with the air. Double effect hydraulic cylinder, its two cavities are hydraulic oil, therefore, its two directions of action, are through hydraulic oil to complete. Hydraulic cylinder price also introduces the hydraulic cylinder series-parallel connection and lifting speed. In the series connection of the hydraulic cylinder, the oil inlet of the reversing valve is the supply of the oil return of the preceding circuit, and the oil return circuit is not connected with the oil return in each circuit valve. In the parallel connection of the hydraulic cylinder, the pressure oil is connected with the oil inlet of each directional valve, and the oil return is collected through the oil return circuit. Series-parallel connection is a little more complicated than simple series and parallel connection, but it is not incomprehensible. Its series, refers to the oil in the cylinder, is in series form, but can not form a series circuit, and parallel, refers to the various valve circuit, is in parallel. In the same pipeline, if the two hydraulic cylinders rise and fall speed is not the same, then, it may be the oil flow or oil pump problems, this need to hydraulic pump and pipe flow adjustment to deal with the problem. If this is not possible, a proportional valve can be installed in front of the cylinder to operate, which would also address the above problem.