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Metallurgical hydraulic cylinder self-locking as well as the harm of too high temperature

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Metallurgical hydraulic cylinder of self-locking and high temperature harm, metallurgical hydraulic cylinder of self-locking and high temperature harm 1. Metallurgical hydraulic cylinder temperature is too high, even hot, in the metallurgical hydraulic cylinder production plant, if the disposal is not good, then the effect will be very severe. In detail, it is for the sealing ring, and make the hydraulic oil foam, and so on, resulting in oil leakage. If severe, it will also cause the metallurgical hydraulic cylinder to be unable to work normally. 2. According to metallurgical hydraulic cylinder factory, it is important to have two ways of self-lock of oil circuit and machine. The self-locking of the oil circuit is realized by installing a valve on the hydraulic cylinder of metallurgy. However, the safety and reliability is not exceptional, because if there is a leak, the self-locking will still be effective. The self-locking of the machine in the hydraulic cylinder is realized by installing a nut on the plunger of the cylinder and tightening the nut. If it is necessary to relieve pressure, then screw the nut up, so that the plunger back in place. Therefore, this kind of metallurgical hydraulic cylinder, we will call it the self-locking type metallurgical hydraulic cylinder.