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Do you know why the electro-hydraulic putter leaked oil?

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Do you know why the electro-hydraulic putter leaked oil? The circulating working liquid should be confined to the specified volume chamber. However, due to various reasons, such as pressure, clearance and so on, some liquid will flow out beyond the volume chamber boundary The phenomenon of overstepping the boundary of a liquid is called leakage. Oil leakage is a common fault of electro-hydraulic Push Rod, which not only affects the working performance of electro-hydraulic push rod and damages the hydraulic components, but also wastes resources, pollutes the environment and threatens the safety in production. Categories 1. Internal Oil leakage refers to a small amount of liquid leaking from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber, such as oil leaking from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber in hydraulic transmission, oil leaking from the pressure channel to the oil return channel in the reversing valve, etc. . 2. External leakage refers to a small amount of liquid leakage from the inside of the component to the outside. Such as the end of the gear pump oil leakage, hydraulic oil pipe penetration, etc. . The oil leakage of hydraulic system mainly includes slot oil leakage, multi-hole oil leakage, adhesive oil leakage and power oil leakage. Reason # 1. DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE PROBLEMS: After testing and calculation, the actual precompression ratio of the electro-hydraulic push rod is only 5% , and the split electro-hydraulic push rod is lower than the precompression ratio. The groove size and precision of the seal ring are important factors that affect the precompression ratio. In the design of Sealing Groove, although there are standards to follow, but in special circumstances should be based on actual use. The design intention of the circuit is very clear, is to feed electro-hydraulic push rod fast-forward, the circuit pressure, to ensure that the electro-hydraulic push Rod self-locking ability. At this point, the electro-hydraulic push rod is in the static state, close to the static seal working condition. Therefore, the groove size of the seal ring, tolerance should refer to the selection of static sealing conditions, the pre-compression rate of the seal ring should be selected larger. In the circuit, the Groove of the electro-hydraulic push rod seal ring is designed according to the working condition of the moving seal. The pre-compression ratio of the electro-hydraulic push rod is selected too small, plus the processing can not arouse enough attention, the GROOVE is too deep Therefore, when the electro-hydraulic push rod is stationary, oil leakage occurs. 2. Maintenance problems: In practice, leakage is very complex, often a variety of reasons and a variety of circumstances, but most of the electro-hydraulic pusher oil leakage is caused by seal failure. 3. Manufacturers of electro-hydraulic push rod production cheating: The selection of poor Quality Sealing Ring, Improper Weld treatment and in order to improve production progress or no corresponding pressure test-bed, gave up debugging or no conditions on the blind product packaging shipment, finally, all kinds of excuses to shirk responsibility is also an important reason. Influence 1. The system pressure is not adjusted high 2. The speed of the actuator is unstable 3. System Fever 4. Low component volume efficiency 5. Energy, hydraulic oil waste 6. Cause Control Failure; cause fire and so on choose the right partner manufacturers will not have such a problem, Yangzhou Qianglin Hydraulic Machinery Co. , Ltd. for your one-stop service, professional processing and manufacturing to give you the guarantee of excellent quality, satisfactory service, if you have a desire to purchase in the near future, please call our company, our company's technical staff to explain the details of patience for you, to give you professional advice.