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What kind of discharge device is good?

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What kind of discharge device is good? Discharge device is the first equipment for dust removal equipment, air supply and other equipment feeding. It is suitable for powder material and granular material. The discharge device is compact in structure, beautiful in shape, easy to use, stable in operation and low in noise. It can be designed and manufactured according to User's requirements. Because the bearing, the gearbox leaves the shell a certain distance, regarding the high temperature, the lubrication has the big improvement. Products in the factory before, with a needle wheel cycloid reducer special grease, please regularly check refueling. Star-shaped unloader can be used in collecting material system as unloader of bin. star-shaped unloader is one of the most advanced unloader equipments in our country at present. It is often used in dust removal system as one of the important equipments in dust removal system. It is especially suitable for dust, small particle material by environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food, cement, road, drying equipment and other industrial engineering projects. Discharge valve mainly by the Shell, impeller and end cover. Work by the reduction motor through the coupling drive impeller rotation, the upper part of the shell material uniform to the lower part, by the next equipment to send the material away. Therefore, the rigid impeller feeder can only be installed vertically, and do not allow horizontal installation, feeder to adhere to the upper part of a certain material column. Reducer, transmission shaft, impeller as a whole, reliable work portable energy saving. Because the machine bearings and reducer are protruding, to prevent dust into the bearing and large particle material stuck phenomenon. In the course of work, to prevent the equipment overloading caused by the large particles of materials and strong adhesion force, or the equipment stuck or short circuit caused by foreign bodies in the dust remover, users are advised to check and install overload maintenance equipment in time. In the use of the unloading process, it is likely to appear leakage of Ash, equipment air leakage and so on, the immediate pressure on the plastic cover. Do Not Hammer directly when installing the input and output shafts and other related parts; the whole process of unloading should be stable and avoid collision, so as to prevent shell cracking deformation. During the working time, we should also pay attention to the size of the particles, the retention of particles with strong adhesion may lead to the overload of the equipment, the dust remover fails to clear the residue, the equipment gets stuck or the equipment is damaged, so add some maintenance equipment, such as dry overload maintenance clutch, etc. , are able to.