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Advantages of electro-hydraulic push rod

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he electro-hydraulic push rod has the following advantages as compared with the electric push rod, the Electric Executive Organization, the hydraulic cylinder, the Air Cylinder: 1, has the reliable overload automatic maintenance performance, even when the overload or the work arrives the travel end, the electric motor is still working normally, without burning or damaging any other parts. Electric Putter, Electric Execution Organization is not comparable. 2, the electro-hydraulic push rod can start with load, but the electric push rod, the Electric Execution Organization is very difficult. 3, the same electro-hydraulic push rod in its extra push, pull range, its push, pull can be stepless conditioning, so the drive range is wide, and electric push rod and cylinder is unable to do. 4. With the same thrust and speed, the electro-hydraulic push rod consumes half as much power as the electric push rod and the electric actuator. 5, electro-hydraulic push rod selection of full hydraulic transmission, moving, smooth operation, can effectively alleviate the impact of foreign, accurate stroke control, cylinder, Electric Push Rod and Electric Organization can not do. 6, electro-hydraulic Push Rod Selection of electricity, hydraulic integration of all closed structure, operating oil circulation and non-pressure closed steel cylinder, small size, no oil leakage, easy device repair. In a harsh environment, no dust, no water, internal corrosion, the use of life than the cylinder, electric push rod and electric executive organization long. 7, the investment is small, the cylinder needs to build expensive air pressure station, and the air pressure pipe is easy to leak, the air pressure is unstable, the noise is high; the hydraulic cylinder needs to build the hydraulic pressure station, and the electro-hydraulic push rod only needs to connect with the power supply then can use. 8. Easy to fix. Under special circumstances, the electro-hydraulic push rod only needs to be replaced, while the hydraulic cylinder needs to find out the cause of the fault slowly before being carefully repaired, which will affect the normal operation of all operations. The electro-hydraulic Push Rod, namely the electro-hydraulic Push Rod, is suitable for the reciprocating push-pull straight line (or the reciprocating rotation must point of view) movement, may be used for the rise, the fall or the clamping work object place, may also be used for the long-distance and the high altitude risk area, and can be connected to the computer network for centralized (program) control. It has been widely used in metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power, machinery, grain, cement, chemical industry, water conservancy, transportation and so on. Working Principle: The electro-hydraulic push rod takes the electric motor as the power source, through the electric motor forward (backward) rotation, causes the hydraulic pressure oil to pass through the two-way gear pump to export the pressure oil, through the Oil Circuit Integrated Block, sends to the Working Oil Cylinder, completes the Piston Rod's reciprocating movement. STRENGTHS: 1 . WITH AUTOMATIC OVERLOAD MAINTENANCE FUNCTION: electro-hydraulic push rod operation, if the Piston Rod by the external force beyond the additional output force or the Piston has reached the end of the motor is still rolling, when the oil pressure in the oil circuit increases to the set pressure, the overflow valve is quick and accurate overflow, to complete overload automatic maintenance. The motor is running, but it will never burn up. . 2. SELF-LOCKING FUNCTION: The pressure self-locking Organization is designed in the Oil Circuit Integrated Block of the electro-hydraulic Push Rod, the motor stops rolling, the piston rod immediately stays in a certain position, and the pressure oil is in the state of keeping pressure. . 3. Stepless conditioning: According to user requirements, in the additional speed, output force and range of stepless conditioning . The modelling elucidation, the electro-hydraulic push rod is mainly composed of six basic elements, such as the type of push rod, the protection grade of motor, the extra output force, the stroke, the extra speed and the application viewpoint, etc. . That is: speed conditioning reasoning, tension conditioning, stroke conditioning (trip switch positioning) in addition to the above three conditioning functions must be noted in the text when ordering, other please refer to the type of preparation, carefully fill in the six elements.