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Operation Manual of electro-hydraulic Flat Gate

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Electro-hydraulic Flat Gate Operation Manual 1.2.5 control system should have on-site button box, connecting long-distance Output Plc signal function. 2 points for attention in commissioning 2.1 it is necessary to connect the cable grounding core wire of the electrohydraulic flat gate safely and reliably to the inner grounding screw. 2.2 check that the packing is evenly pressed and sealed, but not too tight to prevent the gate from opening and closing. 2.3 In the operation process, if the motor overheating or abnormal work, control organization failure, etc. , should be blocked power supply, shutdown for inspection. Storage, protection and maintenance 3.1 electro-hydraulic flat gate should be stored in a dry ventilated room, the gate should be closed to prevent dirt into the cavity. 3.2 long-term storage of electro-hydraulic flat gate should be regularly checked, the exposed surface of the processing to replace the anti-rust oil, and remove the surface of dust and rust. 3.3 after the electro-hydraulic flat gate is put into use, the following contents should be checked regularly 3.3.1 the wearing degree of the sealing surface of the gate, the valve seat and the sealing ring surface. 3.3.2 if the packing is out of date and damaged, replace it in time. In general, the packing gland can be tightened after half a year of operation to ensure the sealing. 3.3.3 the cavity should be cleaned regularly after the system has been decompressed to remove dirt, reference Specification for filling lubricating grease on rotating parts: JB / T8691-1998 structural length: GB / T15188.2-94 connecting Flange: GB / T9113.1-2000 test and inspection specification: GB / T1927 executive organization is electro-hydraulic Push Rod, the utility model is composed of a motor, an oil pump, a hydraulic lock, a Piston Rod and a box body. Completely suitable for temperature-20 °c something + 280 °C environment, in action, balance, with self-locking function, stay in any position, can adjust the discharge. Before leaving the factory, through strict dynamic balance test and adjustment, the amplitude of vibration is less than 5mm in normal operation. The maximum allowable noise measured at 1.5 m from the outer edge of the equipment is 85 DB. If the maximum noise value of the equipment supplied by the supplier exceeds the agreed value of the rules, the supplier shall select the noise-proof parts and submit them for the approval of the demander in order to achieve the purpose of noise control.