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Introduction of electric ash discharge valve

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The electric ash discharge valve is divided into normal temperature type and high temperature type, which is composed of three parts: Motor and Gear Difference Planetary reducer or needle fiber cycloid reducer and rotating dragon type unloading device, import and Export Flange for a round for B, electric ash discharge valve generally choose casting or carbon steel is widely used in power plants, coal yards, mines and other conveyors of the sub-discharge. Widely used in power plants, coal yards, mines and other conveyor road discharge. Product features: (1) energy-saving obvious (2) discharge clean better than any other discharge device. (3) the plow head has the automatic locking organization and the Electric Push Rod has the two-way steady system, causes the work to be firm, stable, the flexible. Composition and classification: Discharge Valve (star discharge device) by the motor, gear difference planetary reducer (x) or needle fiber cycloid reducer (Z) and the discharge device three parts. There are two series of electric ash discharge valves, 60 specifications. Import and export flange for a type, round for B type. General Electric Dust Discharge Valve: can be used in 80 degrees below and ordinary materials at room temperature, can be connected to uniform feeding pipe, and in the system and separate dust collection department, electric dust discharge valve can be used as a discharge device. PRESSURE-RESISTANT ELECTRIC ASH DISCHARGE VALVE: it uses closed rotor, which can be widely used in suction and pressure conveying systems and negative pressure conveying equipment, electric ash discharge valve can ensure that the air pressure in the conveying pipe does not leak, can safely transport and gather materials, so the electric ash discharge valve in this regard known as the air lock, it can not only withstand pressure, but also has the general function. High temperature resistant electric ash discharge valve: According to the difference of temperature rise of material transportation and discharge port, because the temperature and quality have great influence on the body expansion, and the bad luck to the bearing and the oil seal system, the design of high temperature resistant electric ash discharge valve external-mounted structure shut-off fan is made, the utility model separates the working part from the box body part which is touched by the material, and can safely operate the bearing operation and the oil seal system without being affected by the alternating temperature, and the electric ash discharge valve is not only resistant to high temperature, it can also be used for the transportation and bearing of the heat-absorbing material and the gold characteristic powder, which has a very good effect because of the penetration of this kind of object, penetrating the oil seal equipment material directly into the bearing, thus causing no damage to the machine during operation, it is the characteristics of the exterior, the electric ash discharge Valve and materials will not touch. The model of Ash discharge valve is divided into Yjd-a square port and YJD-B round port. Daily maintenance: Before leaving the factory, the electric ash discharge valve is filled with special lubricating grease for pin wheel cycloid reducer. Please check and refuel regularly during daily use.