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Wear reason of flat gate

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During the repair of the flat gate, the causes of the defects are found out from the following three points, and the system is improved: 1 check the internal leakage of the boom cylinder. The easiest way is to raise the boom and see if there is a noticeable free fall. If the drop is obvious, remove the cylinder for inspection, if the seal ring has been worn should be replaced. Check the operating valve. The first to clean the safety valve, check whether the spool wear, such as wear should be replaced. If there is no change after the safety valve installation, then check the operating valve core wear condition, its gap use limit is generally 0.06 mm, wear severe should be replaced. Measure the pressure of the hydraulic pump. If the pressure is low, it is adjusted, the pressure is still not up, hydraulic pump serious wear and tear. Generally speaking, the main reason for the failure of lifting the boom belt load is: A. Hydraulic pump severe wear. In low-speed operation when the pump leakage serious; high-speed operation, pump pressure slightly improved, but because of the pump wear and internal leakage, volume efficiency significantly decreased, it is difficult to reach additional pressure. The long-time operation of hydraulic pump aggravates the wear and tear, and the oil temperature rises, which causes the wear and tear of hydraulic components and the aging and damage of seals, the loss of sealing ability, the deterioration of hydraulic oil, and finally the breakdown. B. Improper selection of hydraulic components. The standard of the boom cylinder is 70 / 40 non-standard series, and the sealing parts are also non-standard parts. The production cost is high and it is inconvenient to replace the sealing parts. Arm Cylinder diameter is small, will make the system set pressure is high. C. Unreasonable planning of hydraulic system. The operating valve and the hydraulic steering gear are connected in series with a single pump. The setting pressure of the safety valve is 16MPa, and the additional operating pressure of the hydraulic pump is 16MPa. The hydraulic pump often works under the condition of full load or long time overload and high pressure, and the system has the hydraulic impact, does not change the oil for a long time, the hydraulic oil is polluted, aggravates the hydraulic pump wear, causes the hydraulic pump shell to break once to discover this kind of fault.