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Common troubles of hydraulic pump station

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The hydraulic pump station is the power element of the hydraulic system, which is driven by the engine or the electric motor, sucks the oil from the hydraulic tank, forms the pressure oil to discharge, sends to the executive element. Hydraulic pump station according to the structure is divided into gear pump, plunger pump, Vane pump and screw pump. Hydraulic pump station repair is often encountered with one of the problems is: The hydraulic system pressure is abnormal, the pressure can not go up or down. Pressure is one of the two basic parameters of hydraulic system, which determines the working function of hydraulic system to a great extent. This fault is manifested as: When the hydraulic system pressure conditioning, conditioning failure system pressure can not build up, lack of pressure, or even no pressure, or pressure can not be adjusted down, or rise and then fall as well as the pressure adjusted instability, pressure fluctuations and so on. (1) the hydraulic pump station does not turn the right direction, there is no pressure oil output, the system pressure does not go up at all; (2) because the motor speed is too low, the power is lacking, or the hydraulic pump station has been used for a long time, the internal wear and tear inside, the leakage is big, the volume power is low, result in hydraulic pumping station output flow, system pressure is not good, (3) hydraulic pumping station inlet and outlet, and the pump is not reversible pump, not only can not oil, and also damaged the pump shaft seal. (4) the suction pipe of the pump is too small, the seal of the suction pipe is bad and the air leaks, the viscosity of the oil is too high, the oil filter is blocked by impurities and dirt, resulting in the pump suction resistance is large and the phenomenon of suction, the pump output flow is not good, the system pressure does not go up.