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Types of combined operation mode of hydraulic cylinder

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The hydraulic cylinder is the actuator in the hydraulic transmission system in the work process, mainly is the energy conversion equipment which transforms the hydraulic energy into the mechanical energy in a certain degree. The hydraulic motor completes the rotation movement, and the Hydraulic Cylinder Completes the reciprocating movement. The structure of hydraulic cylinder includes three types: Piston cylinder, plunger cylinder and swing cylinder. Piston cylinder and Piston cylinder finish reciprocating linear motion, output speed and thrust, swing cylinder finish reciprocating swing, output angular speed and Torque. In addition to the use alone, the hydraulic cylinder can be used in two or more combinations or with other organizations. Hydraulic cylinders can be divided into two types: single-rod type and double-rod type, fixed by the Cylinder Block and Piston Rod fixed. According to the role of hydraulic pressure, a single role and double role. In a single-acting cylinder, the pressure oil supplies only one chamber of the cylinder. The hydraulic pressure moves the cylinder body in one direction, and the reverse motion is completed by external forces such as spring forces. Hydraulic Cylinder Piston in two directions of movement through the two chambers alternately into the oil, and through the role of hydraulic end. A hydraulic cylinder is a single-acting hydraulic cylinder that can only be moved by hydraulic pressure in one direction. The return of the plunger depends on other forces or the component of the plunger; the plunger is supported only by the cylinder liner, not the cylinder liner, the utility model makes the cylinder sleeve easy to be processed and thus is suitable for the long-stroke hydraulic cylinder. The plunger is always under pressure during operation and must therefore have a satisfactory stiffness. One side of the Piston of the hydraulic cylinder is provided with a Piston Rod, which makes the useful working areas of the two chambers different. When the oil supply phase together, different chamber into the oil, the Piston movement speed is different. When the load to be overcome together, different chambers of the oil supply pressure is different, the oil supply pressure required is different, perhaps the system pressure set, sanitary equipment garbage truck hydraulic cylinder can withstand the load, overcome the two directions are different.