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The price of hydraulic cylinder introduces the confirmation principle of its device method

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Hydraulic cylinder is very common in mechanical equipment, has been widely used, people should pay attention to the price of hydraulic cylinder, in addition to its device in the time of compliance with the guidelines. There are two ways to install the hydraulic cylinder, one is the flange device, the other is the hinge device. The flange device is suitable for the fixed device in the working process of the hydraulic cylinder, and its acting force and the supporting center are in the same axial working condition, the choice depends on whether the primary force acting on the load causes a tightening stress or a tensile stress on the Piston Rod. In general, the tail and Middle Flange devices are used for compressive stress, and the end and middle flange devices are used for tensile stress, it is confirmed that the end, middle or tail flange device should be combined with the overall structural design requirements of the system and the confirmation of the tortuous stability of the hydraulic cylinder under the condition of long-stroke tightening force. The hinge support device is divided into tail single (double) earring device and end, middle or tail trunnion device, the utility model is suitable for the working condition of a hydraulic cylinder in which the Acting Force causes the machine component moved along the same moving plane to move in a curvilinear path, and when the machine component is driven to perform viewpoint work, the acting force of the rolling moment is proportional to the view point of the lever arm of the connecting Rod Mechanism and the force produced by the hinge device. As an important central component of mechanical power supply, the normal operation of hydraulic cylinder is very important. At the beginning of the device, it should be judged according to the specific situation. Only after ensuring that the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is qualified, hydraulic cylinder prices can be compared.