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Introduction of hydraulic system working condition of hydraulic cylinder manufacturer

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, in the planning and start work, we need to hydraulic system for the work of the analysis. The so-called working condition analysis, in fact, refers to the prior understanding of the different hydraulic system in the speed of the work of the different vehicles as well as the effective method of changing the law, it is generally based on the host's operational requirements and load capacity of the decision. In the analysis of the time, usually we will be divided into two different parts to deal with, the first part contains the movement analysis, the other part of the content is the internal dynamic analysis. The hydraulic cylinder manufacturer indicated that, when carrying on the analysis, should obtain the time as the Abscissa movement cycle chart and the load cycle chart. In addition, in the selection of hydraulic system plan, but also should be clear about some other content. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that this part of the content of a total of five aspects, the first is the hydraulic system needs to be equipped with the type, number and operation requirements; The third is to confirm the cycle time, the fourth is to confirm the control method, and finally according to these requirements to plan the hydraulic circuit. And in the choice of performance components, we also need to follow the actual situation to confirm that it is involved in several requirements. The hydraulic cylinder manufacturer explains, for example, we need to confirm the variety of hydraulic oil, hydraulic crawler, electro-hydraulic Control Valve and hydraulic control valve, the common control valve mainly has the directional valve, the one-way Valve, the flow control valve as well as the overflow valve and so on. In addition to the above list, there is a need to identify the hydraulic system of electro-hydraulic control valve, the type of motor used, hydraulic pump varieties and performance, accumulator and filters. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers that, together with the need to confirm the pipeline size, heat exchanger and the required capacity of the tank, etc. .