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Importance of rust prevention and temperature and speed control of hydraulic cylinder

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In fact, the use of the environment on the hydraulic cylinder is obvious, especially when the hydraulic cylinder long-term work in the rain, sea water or high temperature attack of the environment, hydraulic cylinder parts are prone to corrosion and rust. Not only metal parts, even seals made of rubber can be adversely affected. Therefore, the corresponding selection of the function of anti-rust hydraulic cylinder, and according to the degree of influence of anti-rust paint, electroplating or stainless steel corrosion-resistant materials. In addition to these natural weather conditions, the hydraulic cylinder may also have to bear the external impact, resulting in a hit mark. At this point, we must improve the surface hardness of the Piston Rod, to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder intact. The temperature of the hydraulic system is required, so we must strictly avoid the appearance of high temperature phenomenon, in addition to hydraulic oil from the realization, in the operation of Hydraulic Control Rod and Distribution Valve, we must also strive to smooth, not too fast, too fast. At the same time, the cooling system should be maintained in a timely manner, so that the temperature of the cooling system is maintained in an appropriate range. The features of the hydraulic cylinder are that the unloading device is simple in structure, one unloading hole and no other parts, so it is not easy to malfunction and work reliably, the unloading section is concentrated, the hydraulic oil is a little more viscous and not easy to be blocked, the Piston and the oil cylinder can work normally, the working mode is superior, and the oil discharge hole can be closed or opened by the movement of the Piston itself. Since the piston part of the hydraulic cylinder is to extend out of the cylinder in working state, it will be corroded by oxide and acid gas naturally, which requires us to coat it with proper amount of grease for protection, in order to prevent as a load-bearing parts of the piston erosion and may break in the work.