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Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers Stress the importance of routine maintenance of hydraulic cylinders

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer explained that in the daily operation process, the fatigue of hydraulic equipment will always exist, so the process center of the operation needs to stop regularly for inspection and protection. Hydraulic cylinder seals often need professional maintenance, repair, protection to improve the cylinder seal of its own service life and seal function. The manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders stress that the Piston of the hydraulic support cylinder is the main component to avoid the internal leakage of hydraulic oil. During the inspection process, the machinery can be operated according to the normal operating rules, and then the reversing valve is operated to make the Piston extend to the limit position, at this time the hydraulic support cylinder is in the state of improvement, open the hydraulic cylinder back to the oil pipe mouth, observe whether the hydraulic oil leakage. If the leakage of hydraulic oil is found, it is necessary to check the wear condition of the seals and the Piston and Piston Rod seal ring is intact. Secondly, if the inspection results show that the seals and guide rings are damaged in different degrees, the materials of the same specification should be selected and replaced according to the structure of the original seals or guide rings, then it is useful to lower the oil film thickness of the seal piece and seal surface to avoid the recurrence of the leaking fault of the hydraulic support cylinder. The manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder said that in hydraulic cylinder, poor sealing of the seal can cause oil leakage, and then make the movement of the mechanism unstable, reduce the volume power, pollution of the environment, severe will not set up the pressure, the system can not work. Therefore, it is necessary to check and repair the seal of hydraulic cylinder in daily life. The mechanical hydraulic cylinder is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to complete the reciprocating motion, the decelerating equipment can be avoided, and there is no transmission gap and the motion is stable. Because of this, hydraulic cylinder manufacturers should choose some can be useful anti-rust hydraulic cylinder to use. If it is an additional hydraulic cylinder in the rain or in fresh water, it is mainly to see the size of the impact,。in order to effectively determine the amount of particulate pollution mixed, so at this time the hydraulic cylinder is relatively simple to show oxidation and rust, there are hydraulic components in the processing and installation is also relatively simple to enter the dirt, and hydraulic cylinder due to the use of different environments, a gas leak or water leak that occurs as a result of which it forms an insoluble object.