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What is the tie rod hydraulic cylinder and what are the conventional problems?

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On the hydraulic cylinder in the Rod hydraulic cylinder of this kind, perhaps we are not very familiar with and understanding, because the front has not been involved and explained. Well, now that this kind of hydraulic cylinder is mentioned, and its application is still many, we might as well start from its basic knowledge, to gradually understand the hydraulic cylinder Rod, so that we can understand the variety of the hydraulic cylinder, in the history of the world. Pull Rod hydraulic cylinder, the origin of its name, mainly because it is used to produce tension, so there will be this title, in order to spit out its primary characteristics. In the application, the first is in machine tools, woodworking machinery, rubber machinery and steel equipment in these areas. Therefore, this way of the hydraulic cylinder, its application is not small. 1. Pull Rod hydraulic cylinder, its volume is big? What are the working pressure and ambient temperature requirements? The Tie rod hydraulic cylinder is smaller than the hydraulic cylinder of the same pressure grade because of its simple and compact structure. Regarding its working pressure, generally has 7MPA and 14MPa these two grades. The ambient temperature range is 10 to 80 degrees Celsius. 2. Tie Rod hydraulic cylinder on the oil hole, the first is to play what effect? What is the difference between its 50 * 50 and 50 * 100? Tie Rod hydraulic cylinder on the oil hole, its effect, the first is to relieve pressure, as well as the hydraulic cylinder wall lubrication. The tension rod hydraulic cylinder 50 * 50 and 50 * 100 indicate that the difference lies in the stroke, one is 50 mm, the other is 100 mm. However, they are all the same diameter, all 50 mm. 3. Tie Rod hydraulic cylinder and engineering hydraulic cylinder, these two kinds of hydraulic cylinder, what is the difference in detail? On this kind of cylinder, the front flange stroke is for how much? Tension Rod hydraulic cylinder and Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder, these two kinds of hydraulic cylinder, the difference between them, first of all, they play a different effect. In addition, with respect to engineering hydraulic cylinders, they may be provided with cushioning equipment. And on the Rod hydraulic cylinder before the Flange Stroke, the standard, is generally 2 meters, if it is non-standard, there is no limit.