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Notes for Hydraulic Cylinder Device

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Notes for Hydraulic Cylinder Device

Notes for Hydraulic Cylinder Device

1. Hydraulic cylinder and surrounding environment should be clean. The tank should be sealed to avoid pollution. Pipelines and fuel tanks should be tidied up to avoid falling scales and other debris. Use flannelless cloth or special paper for cleaning. It is not possible to use hemp thread and adhesives as sealing materials. Hydraulic oil according to the planning requirements, pay attention to changes in oil temperature and pressure. When no load, unscrew the exhaust bolt for exhaust.

2. Piping links should not be relaxed.

3. The base of the hydraulic cylinder must have enough stiffness. Otherwise, when pressurized, the cylinder will bow upward and bend the piston rod.

4. Before putting the hydraulic cylinder device into the system, the parameters on the hydraulic cylinder label should be compared with those on the order.

5. The center axis of the fixed pedestal mobile cylinder should be concentric with the center line of the load force, so as to avoid causing the lateral force, which is easy to cause the seal wear and piston damage. For the hydraulic cylinder device of moving object, the movement direction of cylinder and moving object on the guide rail surface is kept parallel, and its parallelism is generally not more than 0.05 M m/m.