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Selection of Control Valve in hydraulic cylinder

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In the hydraulic cylinder, the selection of the control valve has a great impact. And in the selection of Control Valve, mainly from two aspects to consider, the first is the share of Directional Valve selection, the other is the selection of imported pressure compensator. Let's take a look at the details together. In general, we can according to the needs of different valve components together, such as the hydraulic cylinder to save control share of Directional Valve and fixed differential pressure relief valve, the controlled flow of this kind of flow valve depends mainly on the input electric signal, and is not affected by the change of oil supply pressure and load pressure. General fixed-difference Pressure Relief Valve for the value of 1. OMPA. After the pressure difference is confirmed, the flow of the hydraulic cylinder share Directional Valve can be confirmed as follows: The input signal corresponding to the maximum flow actually passing through the share directional valve should be close to 90% of the additional input signal, the minimum flow through the quota valve corresponding to the input signal should be greater than the quota direction valve dead zone. This will not only improve traffic resolution, but also avoid crawling problems. So, in the selection of imported pressure compensator, should be taken into account? At present, the inlet pressure compensator of hydraulic cylinder mostly uses two-way and three-way structure, especially two-way is the most widespread. However, the need to note that the normal operation of this compensator requires a minimum operating pressure differential, differential pressure relief valve can play a differential pressure reduction effect. This effect is lost if the executing element is loaded in a negative direction. In order to avoid this problem, we can use the back pressure effect of the Balance Valve, so as to ensure that the share valve port pressure does not change with the load fluctuations.