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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer's Instructions on the effect of heating and cooling rates on cylinder steel tubes

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, in the manufacture of cylinder, usually need to select the steel pipe for a series of treatment, during the heat treatment is very important. In the heat treatment process, heating and cooling speed is the key to determine its ultimate role. For example, some large public buildings or special-shaped parts, often due to design constraints and not conducive to heat treatment. Therefore, for these workpiece, in the process of heat treatment, we must ensure that the heating and cooling rate control within a certain scale. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers explain, otherwise, it may lead to the local temperature difference of the workpiece is too large, then it is easy to appear deformation damage, thermal stress and deformation, and even should be austenitized process. So, how do we control the heating rate? Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that the reason for the control of heating speed, the main intention is to ensure more uniform heating of the various parts of the pipe. If the heating rate is too high, it is likely that the constituent parts will not be arranged in time for austenitizing. This will adversely affect the degree of austenitizing uniformity and, together, may lead to tube deformation. And for the cooling rate, we need the appropriate acceleration. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers explain, but if it is annealing, then the cooling rate should be slower, and in quenching cooling, as long as there is not too obvious deformation or cracking, then the cooling rate should be accelerated. This is because the cooling rate has a direct effect on the arrangement formed by quenching. If a certain speed is not reached, the quenched arrangement martensite can not be obtained. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers concluded that from the above, we can understand that whether the heating process or cooling process, its speed control is very important. Only accurately grasp these two points, then can be useful to avoid steel tube deformation and other abnormal problems.