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How to maintain the engineering hydraulic cylinder

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How should engineering hydraulic cylinder be maintained? Yangzhou Qianglin Hydraulic Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a professional engaged in non-standard hydraulic cylinder, engineering hydraulic cylinder, metallurgical hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic station, Piston ROD SERIES OF PRODUCT R & D, design and production of manufacturers. It provides various hydraulic pneumatic components for various occupations and is widely used in large and heavy mines, metallurgy, forging, casting, engineering transportation occupations, light Textile home appliances, shoemaking, wall clock, food, packaging, medicine and health, light industry machinery and other occupations. Then we should how to carry on the maintenance to the engineering hydraulic cylinder? Maintenance method of engineering hydraulic cylinder: Since the Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder is actually the center of gravity of the whole hydraulic system, if the center of gravity presents a problem, then the result is quite serious, and it is even more difficult to repair, so on the maintenance of the engineering hydraulic cylinder should start from the details, but also very stable. 1. Maintenance of rust resistance is a primary requirement: As we all know, the Piston portion of an engineering hydraulic cylinder is used primarily for handling elasticity, so it is of exceptional importance in the overall operation. Its demand is often elastic, so it will be exposed to the air acid gas and oxide corrosion, then the need to coat it with the right amount of grease, to its maintenance. 2, there is a need for engineering hydraulic cylinder to open and change the oil: due to long-term use of engineering hydraulic cylinder, there will be some foreign matter into the oil cylinder. So in the use of the process will certainly have a conflict, because of the entry of a small number of foreign bodies, then the whole will increase the strength of the conflict, this is very affect the use of the effect. 3, periodic replacement: The use of hydraulic oil is also time-bound, such as some large machinery for a long time not to replace hydraulic oil, will cause serious damage to the equipment, or the entire interior of the hydraulic cylinder.