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Introduction of extrusion treatment method for rubber compound of sealing ring in hydraulic cylinder factory

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, sealing ring is a very simple problem is the rubber extrusion, and the current method is used in the back of the sealing ring in the direction of the circumference of a circle of certain thickness of copper pad. In this way, the seal is tightened in the circumference before the force is applied to it, allowing it to rest on the hydrostatic shoe body, with the copper pad blocking the gap. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers explained, in fact, this is mainly because of the strength of copper pad, so can effectively play to avoid the problem of rubber extrusion. Because there is a layer of smooth oil film between the Red Copper Gasket and the cylinder wall, it can reach a better smooth condition, so it will not damage the seal ring. Of course, we do not only need to seal the circumference of the circle in the direction of a certain thickness of copper pad, if you want to achieve a better effect, then it should be at the bottom of the circle with a certain thickness and width of copper information. Therefore, at this point for the force point of view analysis, then it will be found in this case, the direction of the circumference of the rubber can not be extruded. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that this is because under the action of axial force, sealing ring pressure in copper plate, copper plate and pressed in the extrusion shoe, together with the increase of axial force and increase in compression force. This can not only avoid rubber extrusion, but also to enhance the service life of the seal ring. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, if the operating environment temperature is relatively high, such as in the summer, its bearing temperature will rise significantly. And if the rubber is in this condition for a long time it is likely to appear aging phenomenon, such as shrinkage cracks and so on to make the seal failure. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers suggest that in the actual operation, we should timely cooling of the axial hydraulic cylinder. In general, it is simple and useful to deal with this problem by using cooling water that is partially discharged from the top cylinder.