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How is the Piston Rod leaking from the hydraulic cylinder

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Oil leakage in hydraulic cylinders is a headache for many users, but the problem still often appears. Leakage problems can be divided into inner leakage and outer leakage of sealing structure and oil leakage caused by cylinder block damage. In the case of hydraulic cylinders, the internal piston rod is simply worn because of frequent contact with various impurities. Especially in some bad working conditions, the piston rod surface may also adhere to a lot of dust, soil and other substances, including some of the hard material. Therefore, because of various factors, the Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rod may present the situation of leakage. The first reason for external leakage is because the shaft with the combination seal structure is not reasonable. The second important reason is that the clearance between the Piston Rod and the guide sleeve in the hydraulic cylinder is no longer within reasonable range. For example, many users encounter the piston rod surface blackening problem is actually caused by this reason. From the market research, we found that this factor in the Piston rod leakage accounted for a large proportion of the reasons, has been more than 60% . Therefore, we should pay more attention to this problem in future use. A final factor is the leakage problem that results from damage to the piston rod surface. This is because in practice, many conditions may have some damage to the Piston Rod appearance, which will increase the friction between the seal ring and the Piston Rod early, so that the seal ring wear failure. This condition is one of the main reasons that lead to the leakage of the Piston Rod. The above three aspects for us to analyze the use of hydraulic cylinder process, the Internal Piston Rod leakage problem of the main reasons. Users are expected to pay attention to this issue, as far as possible to prevent Piston Rod leakage.