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Installation Skill of hydraulic cylinder Flange type

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Regarding the different hydraulic cylinder, if its use is different, then in the installment process, the method selected may also be different. For example, we can choose flange-type device, then this type of hydraulic cylinder in the operation of the time, its axis position is unchanged. Generally in the use of machine tools on the oil cylinder more choice of this device. So, do you have any idea how the device works in detail? Let's take a look at the details. In fact, this device method is mainly the use of hydraulic cylinder on the Flange will be fixed on the machine. In the practice of the device, if we set the Flange on the Piston Rod cylinder head, and make its outside and mechanical device face close, then this device method is called the head outside Flange. In this process, we need to pay attention to a problem is that the selection of this device method of hydraulic cylinder in the operation will be counterproductive force, together with bolts will be drawn from the hydraulic pressure effect. Therefore, the diameter of the bolts used is generally larger, and should be carried out strength accounting. In addition, there is a device approach is more similar, called the head of the internal flange. If such a device is chosen, the flange is set on the cylinder head at the end of the Piston Rod and the inner side of the Flange is held close to the face of the mechanism. In this case, the hydraulic cylinder in the operation of the time, the bolt to accept the effect of smaller force, the main bearing surface to accept. Therefore, the choice of this device method, we need to use the flange diameter can be smaller, and its structure design is very compact. Generally speaking, the hydraulic cylinder of this device method is more applied in the operation situation that requires the fixed device method.