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Referring to the development of dump truck hydraulic cylinder enterprises, on the current situation to analyze, then the first is still related to the global economic situation. Taken as a whole, the career moves steadily toward greatness. So, the global economic trend attributed to the dump truck hydraulic cylinder in the future development process of the biggest impact factor? We know, in fact, the development of the hydraulic cylinder career, its mainstream trend has been gradually moving towards integration and scale-based processing form. If you can keep up with this pace, then the competitiveness of domestic enterprises will be significantly improved. In fact, the primary reason why many users prefer imported products is that domestic products do not meet the functional requirements. And if we can in a faster time to complete the hydraulic cylinder product function improvement, then the same will be more users trust. In fact, the development of domestic enterprises have been ready, we trust will soon enter the equipment manufacturing industry into the fast track of growth. Especially in recent years, China has been gradually promoting the localization of machine tool professional equipment, equipment. Of course, the moment will not only take us forward, and with the development of the moment, the future market will also put forward higher requirements for our work efficiency and product quality. That is to say, the development of hydraulic cylinder, although to a large extent will be affected by global economic factors, but the product itself is the biggest factor in its development. Of course, in the future development, hydraulic cylinder is still one of our common equipment. In fact, whether from the point of view of the producer or from the point of view of the user, the quality of the hydraulic cylinder is the first factor to determine its future trend.