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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers indicate that the hydraulic cylinder cushioning organization of the form is determined

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers indicate that the hydraulic cylinder pressure set at 1.5 times its additional pressure. If the buffer pressure exceeds this value or if the buffer can not meet the requirements, other buffer measures are required, such as the use of relief valve to control the buffer pressure, or the use of a deceleration valve to buffer. For different hydraulic cylinder, we need to choose different buffer equipment. First of all, we can be based on the hydraulic cylinder process of the Piston Linear speed change requirements to determine. If the deceleration process is required to allow a small number of pulses, slotting or stepped buffering can be used. If the deceleration process requirements are more stringent, then we need to select some close to the constant deceleration of the buffer structure, such as porous cylinder or porous plunger, etc. . Assuming that the hydraulic cylinder in the deceleration process to bear a certain pulse, then, can use conical or double conical type of cushion organization. Regarding the hydraulic cylinder, the one-way Valve in the buffer equipment selected can not be too low, otherwise it may not achieve the desired effect in practical application. For example, if the buffer equipment planning is not reasonable, it may appear when the hydraulic cylinder from the side of the buffer equipment, the engine background suddenly stop or retreat phenomenon. Therefore, the flow capacity of the check valve should be fully considered when planning the buffer equipment. This problem can be prevented only by ensuring that the check valve has adequate flow capacity. In the selection of hydraulic cylinder, we need to its buffer can be checked. Consideration should also be given to whether the resulting high cushioning pressure will cause the cylinder stress to exceed the allowable strength.