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Introduction of common sense about oil cylinder of hydraulic cylinder manufacturer

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that the function of hydraulic cylinder, often to a large extent depends on its planning is reasonable. Usually, the hydraulic cylinder wall thickness planning should take into account the selected raw material tensile strength, operating pressure requirements and piston stroke, etc. . Of course, because of geographical differences, so in this selection will be a certain difference. Under normal circumstances, if the place of work in the north, then the claim to choose 35. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers explained that this is mainly to large flow, low pressure, thin-walled, large piston-based features. And the South is best to choose 45 thick-walled high-pressure cylinder, this time is the main american-style process structure. And if we found that because there are rod cavity and non-rod cavity with hydraulic oil caused by a crawl cylinder, it should be repeated to discharge. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, in practice there are also some other conditions, if the hydraulic cylinder seal is unreasonable, it may also lead to low-speed prostrate problem. This situation is likely to be because the seal of raw materials do not meet the use requirements, then we would like to accept the conditions, it is best to select the polytetrafluoroethylene as a combination seal ring, this way a better seal can be achieved. In addition, in the process of user selection, whether reasonable selection is also a more important issue. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers explain, for example, we can be in accordance with the requirements of the host to select the type and structure; Then, according to the force condition, the load changing rules and the power value that must be provided are determined. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that the selection of a suitable hydraulic cylinder will have an important impact on our later use. So, we not only need to consider its raw materials, structural planning, model standards and so on, but also need to consider its stability.