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The effect of buffer equipment on hydraulic cylinder

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For the use of machinery today, the speed of hydraulic cylinder will seriously affect the enterprise's production power and revenue. Therefore, in order to cope with the high demand on the speed, the buffer equipment on the hydraulic cylinder also posed a problem. Therefore, if only to increase the speed of the cylinder, it is easy to cause a lot of problems. So how do you satisfy the demand for high rates together without hurting production? In other words, in the search for the end of the high-speed generated without endangering the cylinder load. Therefore, the method of introducing the end of the stroke into the buffer can ensure the higher average speed of the hydraulic cylinder. This built-in deceleration device, the primary effect is due to the sudden change in speed caused by excessive deceleration force and peak hydraulic pressure to the minimum. In such a method, the greatest intention should also be that, in the course of cushioning, uniform deceleration should eventually be achieved by establishing a constant pressure during deceleration. In the buffer of the hydraulic cylinder, the buffer sleeve with special shape or outline has been chosen, thus realizing the reasonable deceleration intention for the equipment supply. In this process, in order to achieve a synergistic effect between each other, it is necessary to select a more suitable method to carry out, plunger and sleeve shut off the bar head or cylinder head as the primary drain channel, close the oil between the Piston and the bar head or the hydraulic cylinder head. The speed of the trapped oil is controlled by the throttling device. The cushioning must be done in a moderate manner, regardless of the Piston and cylinder hole voids. In order to promote the mechanical meshing with the general matching throttle hole, a short cone is selected in the guide part of the buffer plunger and the buffer sleeve. Circular gap must be concentric, in order to ensure that the next trip is consistent. Nowadays, the demand of hydraulic cylinder for buffer equipment is increasing. The most commonly used buffer method is the cylinder plug and sleeve with fixed gap. It is now very popular and the processing cost is relatively low, fits the purpose of reaching the buffer in a narrow combination of load and speed.