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The seal ring plays an important role in the hydraulic cylinder

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As we all know, in the major hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder plays a very important role, as the executive component, can be converted into hydraulic oil pressure Mechanical Energy Linear reciprocating movement. That is to say, with the help of the hydraulic cylinder, we can accomplish different tasks. However, if you want to ensure that the normal pressure generated, then the prerequisite is to ensure that the sealing. Obviously, if the seal of the hydraulic cylinder is poor, then in the process of energy conversion, not only can not achieve the effect, together will also form a serious waste. So, how do we make sure it's airtight? In fact, if you want to prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil, then we will install a seal between the cylinder and the Piston. In addition, a corresponding sealing ring is required between the cylinder and the two side end caps, between the Piston Rod and the guide sleeve, and between the Piston Rod and the cylinder head. In addition, between the front end of the hydraulic cylinder and the Piston Rod, not only a guiding sleeve is required, but also a corresponding dust ring should be provided. These seals are the parts that effectively ensure their tightness. Do you know what kind of massage is inside the seal ring? In fact, the seal ring is usually composed of one or several parts of the ring cover, we can fix it in a bearing ring or Washer, this can and other rings or washers close together, to prevent oil leakage and foreign invasion. Of course, we in the selection of sealing ring, should ensure its quality. Otherwise, it is not only difficult to ensure the sealing, together can not ensure that our hydraulic cylinder's working function is normal play. Need to pay attention to is, in the daily use of hydraulic cylinder process, be sure to do a good job on the sealing ring of the view. If there is wear and tear, should be replaced in time to prevent leakage of oil caused by the operation of the hydraulic cylinder blocked, efficacy can not play.