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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers explain how to avoid air into the hydraulic system

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According to the hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, under normal circumstances, the oil used in the hydraulic system has only a small contraction. And most of the time its effects are ignored. However, because low pressure air is so constrictive, about 10, 000 times as much as oil, even a small amount of air in the system can have a significant impact. The manufacturer of the hydraulic cylinder explains that if air enters the hydraulic system, some of it will dissolve in the oil. When the pressure of the system decreases, these air will run out again, bubbles will occur, forming a cavitation phenomenon, and in the high pressure area under the action of the pressure oil these bubbles will be instantly broken, subjected to sharp contraction, will cause a larger noise in the system. In addition, because the air is compressed, it releases a lot of heat, which can cause overheating problems in the parts, damaging the hydraulic components and the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic cylinder manufacturer thinks, this is because the air can tighten very big, it can also cause the actuator to creep, damage the working stability, if serious, also can cause the whole system to appear vibration situation. Of course, these air once mixed into the hydraulic oil temporary, also very simple cause the disintegration of hydraulic oil, so we have to pay attention to avoid air into the hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers suggest, from the air into the system for different reasons for analysis, then we in the use of time, need to pay attention to the problem is: 1, often check the height of the liquid level in the tank, adhere to its height; 2. Avoid the pressure everywhere in the system to be lower than the atmospheric pressure as far as possible, and ensure good sealing device performance. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers believe that it is best to set the upper part of the cylinder of the corresponding exhaust valve, so that you can enter the system in a timely manner to the air out.