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Introduction of sealing equipment for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers

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Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, in general, the use of sealing equipment mainly includes three different sealing methods, respectively: Gap Seal, Conflict Ring Seal and seal ring seal, and so on. These three different sealing methods have their own characteristics, the following we will learn about its different characteristics. First, let's look at what a void seal is. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers explained that the so-called gap seal, in fact, refers to the movement of components between the existence of small gaps to avoid leakage. Therefore, in some cases we can make a narrow ring groove in the Piston surface, and then improve the sealing equipment, but also can increase the resistance of oil through the gap. This way of sealing is relatively simple, and conflict resistance is small, but also has the advantages of high temperature resistance. The second type of seal is called a conflict ring seal. Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, this way of sealing equipment actually refers to a set of piston on the conflict ring. Its advantages are low conflict resistance, good structural stability, but also has a certain degree of group I compensation, and also has a high temperature performance, usually used for hydraulic cylinder block and Piston structure between the seal. The last type of seal is called a ring seal. Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers explained that this kind of sealing equipment is usually made of rubber or plastic materials. Because of the high elasticity of the material, the sealing ring can be closely fitted with the hydraulic cylinder component in the process of application, and it is very reliable. The seal can be applied to the sealing operation of different parts of the hydraulic cylinder. The above is explained by the hydraulic cylinder manufacturers on three different structural features of the sealing equipment, I believe that after learning these contents, we have a better understanding of the sealing performance of the hydraulic cylinder.