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What is a plunger type hydraulic cylinder? What is its characteristic?

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There are many types of hydraulic cylinders, one of which is plunger type. This type of cylinder is also a hydraulic actuator that can convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It moves back and forth in a straight line during operation, moreover the structure is brief, the work is reliable. In the use of plunger hydraulic cylinder, can not use decelerating device, and no transmission gap, smooth movement. Because of this, the plunger-type hydraulic cylinder has been widely used in the field of current operations. Its working process can be described as follows: from the oil inlet to the cylinder to enter a certain pressure of oil, plunger in the oil pressure effect to push out, when it comes back is in the effect of external force to complete the return. If the plunger cylinder is placed straight, then it can rely on its own gravity return, sometimes also rely on the tension spring force and other external forces to achieve return. So, do you know this kind of plunger type hydraulic cylinder in the application process has what kind of characteristic? In fact, the device belongs to a single-effect hydraulic cylinder, which can only achieve one direction of motion under the effect of hydraulic pressure, the return stroke of the plunger depends on other external forces or the dead weight of the plunger; the plunger is only supported by the cylinder sleeve, do not have direct contact with the cylinder liner, so that the cylinder liner easy to process. Therefore, it is more suitable for long-stroke hydraulic cylinder. Because it is in the process of operation, has been in the state of force, so it is necessary to ensure that its plunger has met the stiffness. Because the weight of the plunger is relatively large, so when placed horizontally, it is easy for the reasons of its self-weight to appear sagging, leading to seal and guide unilateral wear, so in the use of time, it is best to choose the straight method. Above we briefly introduced on the plunger hydraulic cylinder common sense, hope that after understanding these contents, we have a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the equipment.